Criminal Justice

I will stand with victims of our flawed criminal justice system. I will co-sponsor any legislation that addresses the atrocities of our criminal justice system in regard to racial prejudice and profiling.

I believe that, simply, we can enforce policies such as:

● 100% mandatory police camera use

● Ban the chokehold

● Change training to deescalate rather than reverting to lethal force so quickly

● Investigate claims of racial injustice within police forces by a specialized government body that does scheduled proactive investigations and reactive investigations to address grievances of a community.

I believe we should make the following changes to our criminal justice system:

● Introduce a nationwide restorative justice program

● End juvenile detention facilities nationwide

● Ban private prisons – Private prisons are immoral and should not exist. I will sponsor or co-sponsor the end of private prisons nationwide.

● End money bail nationwide – The money bail system must end. I will sponsor or co-sponsor the end of money bail nationwide.

● End punitive drug enforcement – We must decriminalize drugs in this country and treat it as a medical issue. I will sponsor or co-sponsor a bill that comprehensively ends the drug war in America.

● Restore voting rights for current and former convicted felons – Not only should felons’ voting rights be restored, but they should also never have lost them to begin with. I will sponsor or co-sponsor a bill to end the practice of restricting voting rights to all adult United States citizens. The right of a United States citizen should not be infringed.

● Test all rape kits – I believe that the United States government should mandate that all states dedicate resources to test all rape kits and address the backlog.

● End death penalty nationwide – We must end the death penalty in the United States of America.

I will follow the lead of strong activists in the realm of criminal justice to ensure effective policy